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Reckitt & Benckiser is one of the leading brands in the world when it comes to hygiene, health, and nutrition. Headquartered in England, Reckitt & Benckiser has operations in 60 countries and sells its products to over 200 countries.
Health, Hygiene, and Home – The tagline of the company emphasises the aim of the organisation i.e., to be the most trusted brand when it comes to the hygiene, nutrition, and wellness of the consumers. Going by its motto, Reckitt & Benckiser is considered to be one of the most prominent names in the world of Health, Hygiene and the Wellness Industry.

Reckitt Benckiser Products

Reckitt Benckiser has the following Product Range:

  • Dettol – The number one disinfectant and antiseptic brand in the world.
  • Air wick– The optimum quality air freshener
  • Harpic – The strongest bathroom disinfectant which promises unbeatable cleaning
  • Lizol – The most preferred disinfectant and cleaning liquid by households today
  • Mortein –  The best mosquito repellant available in the market
  • Vanish – The one magical solution to all those greasy stains
  • Strepsils –  Every man’s go-to solution when it comes to throat infections
  • Veet –  The most popular hair removal cream, that changed every girl’s life
  • Durex – The number one brand when it comes to intimate protection
  • Kohinoor – The cheapest and the most effective solution to good family planning
  • Itch guard – The ideal cure for all fungal infections 
  • Moov – The magic potion that revives you of any muscular pain


The only node in the chain between the manufacturer and the resellers, Super Stockists refers to the business entities that are engaged in the business of buying stocks from the companies and selling it to the resellers.
They have a well-maintained infrastructure of warehouses as well as an effective and efficient transportation system, that ensures the smooth flow of their services. They buy goods from the companies, store the material in their godowns, and sell it to the resellers at a certain commission. What makes them different from distributors is their brand loyal nature. They do not deal with competitor companies.
Coming to the western belt of India, Alfa Agencies Akola is one such popular name.


One of the biggest names in West India, Alfa Agencies Akola is known for its exceptional infrastructure and work ethics. Right from well-constructed, well-lit, and ventilated warehouses, to an effective transportation system, they are ideal partners for any company to get associated with.
Alfa Agencies Akola has been associated with Reckitt & Benckiser as a Super-Stockist for more than a decade now and has 6 employees dedicated just for the company. They cater to Akola District, Buldhana District and Washim District and provide their services to more than 45 distributors. They have a well-automatized system, which ensures effectiveness and efficiency, thereby leading to good results for both the parties.

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Address – Alfa Agencies, Shop 7 – 11 Shashtri Stadium, Opposite Neeta Guest House, Akola – 444001

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