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One of the most trusted brands across the globe, LG Electronics is a South Korean Consumer Electronics company. The Brand with its products aims at enhancing your life with LG’s products that come with great values, benefits, promise, and personality.
A part of the fourth-largest Industrial conglomerate in South Korea, LG comprises four business units, namely – Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliances & Air Solutions, and Vehicle Components.
Having made a place for itself in the consumer markets, LG is the most respected and well-accepted brand by consumers all over the world.

LG’s Offerings

  • Tv – Making your living room look more comfy and luxurious, LG brings to you a wide range of sleek and Classy LG TVs. With the goodness of clean styling and design, LG provides a wide range of r LED, OLED, and Plasma televisions that deliver unbeatable detail, colour, and contrast.
  • Dishwasher – Thinking of a magical solution that gives you sparkling dishes without any spark?! LG’s Dishwasher to your rescue! Empowered with features like TrueSteam, QuadWash, Inverter Direct Drive, EasyRack Plus, and SmartThinQ technology, LG’s Dishwasher is designed to be your kitchen’s best friend!
  • Refrigerator – The new range of LG Refrigerators is packed with powerful features like ConvertiblePLUS, Inverter Linear Compressor & Door Cooling+™️ features. Explore the wide range of LG Refrigerators that are unique, best in class, and designed keeping in mind that your food stays fresh all the time!
  • Washing Machine – The new range of LG Washing Machine comprises cutting-edge washing machine technology, loaded with Direct Drive motor which gives 6 unique Motions. The premium technology ensures best wash performance and to make your life easier, it comes with features like Steam, Wi-Fi, and NFC. LG washing machines make your clothes look new and fresh!
  • Air Conditioner – Backed with the power of DUAL Inverter Technology,4in1 Convertible Cooling, Ocean Black Fin, Double Filtration, Low Gas Detection, Stabilizer Free Plus, LG’s Air Conditioners enable faster cooling and more saving!
  • Microwave Oven – Explore the new range of LG’s Healthy Microwave Oven! Credited for being India’s only Microwave oven with Charcoal Lighting Heater and Healthy Heart™️ Autocook Menu. Enjoy hot meals with LG’s Microwave oven.
  • Home audio system – With LG’s exclusive Home audio system, you get to experience music at it’s best! Heard of music and magic together?! LG’s Home audio system ensures just that!


The only junction in the chain between the manufacturer and the retailers, Distributors refers to the business entities that are engaged in the business of buying stocks from the companies and selling it to the retailers.
They have a well-maintained infrastructure of warehouses as well as an effective and efficient transportation system, that ensures the smooth flow of their services. They buy goods from the companies, store the material in their godowns, and sell it to the retailers at a certain margin.
Coming to the western belt of India, Alfa Agencies Akola is one such popular name.

LG’s Association with Alfa Agencies

One of the biggest names in West India, Alfa Agencies Akola is known for its exceptional infrastructure and work ethics. Right from well-constructed, well-lit, and ventilated warehouses, to an effective transportation system, They are ideal partners for any company to get associated with.
The agency works as a Distributor for LG Electronics and has been associated with the company for a couple of years now. They cater to Akola District, Buldhana District, and Washim District and provide their services to more than 30 distributors. They have a well-automatized system, which ensures effectiveness and efficiency, Thereby leading to good results for both the parties.

LG Electronics official website: https://www.lg.com/in
Details – Alfa Agencies Akola
Distributor – LG Electronics
Address – Alfa Agencies, Shop 7 – 11 Shashtri Stadium, Opposite Neeta Guest House, Akola – 444001

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