May 20, 2020


This is another channel by means of which companies promote their products. A distributor is a person who buys products/goods either directly from manufacturers or from the super stockists, indirectly they help the companies to spread across the market. They do not sell the products directly to the consumers as they have a bulk amount of it under their hand. So they look out for wholesalers/retailers and sell the products to them accordingly to their demands. Wholesalers can buy a specific amount of a product according to their choice from the distributors.

Companies appoint distributors, as they do not have to pay the distributors for it. Also, the distributors are able to approach mass audiences in the market with the products for the companies, allowing the companies to not invest their own money and keep their business networking persistent. They also help in reducing the bulk of products from the producers and helps in their advancement in the market. They form the most integral part of any business and their development and progress indirectly depend on them.

For any organization today, the third P of marketing – Place, is a very important function. Taking the products directly to the market using a single channel becomes very expensive for the companies. That is why companies decide to include the network of Distributors in between, which makes the transition of goods smooth and effective.
Alfa Agencies works as a Distributor for LG Electronics and Sansui Electronics. They have been associated with the company for a couple of years now and They cater to Akola District, Buldhana District, and Washim Districts of Maharashtra. Additionally, they provide their services to more than 30 distributors and have a well-automatized system, which ensures effectiveness and efficiency, Thereby leading to good results for both the parties.

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