May 20, 2020


A business comprises of various channels through which the goods/services are supplied from the producers to the consumers/common man. These channels are important for the wide distribution of products of any particular industry or company across the country. With the right stockists and distributors, companies can escape high amounts of loss. Such junctions or channels include industry, C&F, super stockist, sub stockist, distributors, retailers, wholesalers and finally the consumers.

One of these junctions is super stockist which is also used for FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods). FMCG are those which get sold quickly and at a cheap price.

Companies or industries produce goods and send them to C&F (clearing and forwarding agents) which are further transported to super stockists. Companies do so because they cannot store all of their goods in a single place so they appoint super stockists across the country for the distribution of their goods. Super stockists have large warehouses where they store goods which they directly get from the companies and later they forward them to various sub stockists. The safe storage of goods and its expenses is the responsibility of the super stockist.

Super stockists do not deal with the products of competitor companies. Companies appoint super stockists who have reputation and distribution system well maintained.

One of the biggest names in West India, Alfa Agencies Akola is known for its exceptional infrastructure and work ethics. Right from well-constructed, well-lit, and ventilated warehouses, to an effective transportation system, they are ideal partners for any company to get associated with. Alfa Agencies Akola has been associated with Reckitt & Benckiser, Mondelez India, Unicharm India, Perfetti Van Melle and Kellogg’s India as a Super-Stockist for more than a decade now and has 6 employees dedicated just for the company. They cater to Akola District, Buldhana District, and Washim District and provide their services to more than 45 distributors.
The biggest factor that differentiates Alfa Agencies Akola from its competitors is its strategic location that ensures better connectivity, across the western and the central parts of the country! Hence, Alfa Agencies Akola is an ideal partner for all your networking needs!



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