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Founded in 1929 in Vile Parle, Mumbai, Parle is regarded as one of the world leaders in biscuits and confectionery.
Catering to its customers the world over, Parle retails at various major grocery chains across Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand as well as the Middle-East. The brand is garnering more and more love from consumers throughout the world because of its emphasis on continuously innovating its product range and curating products to cater to new tastes!
Growing with the aim – to sweeten your day wherever you go, Parle has offices, factories, and distributors all over the world.
Ever since 1929, Parle has grown to become India’s leading manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery. The company is credited as the makers of the world’s largest selling biscuit, Parle-G, and is home to various popular brands.
Parle is a name that stands for quality, nutrition, and superior taste.

What has led to the growth of Parle as the number one brand in the biscuit and confectionery industry is its consumer-focused approach. An in-depth analysis of consumer psychology and needs is what has helped Parle in curating marketing policies that have helped them cater to wider audiences across the globe.

The company works on the mission to deliver both health and taste while curating a value-for-money offering that enables people from all facets of life to relish Parle products.

Regarded as synonymous to trust, The House of Parle has become synonymous with trust globally. The company has a wide reach, catering to customers spread across the remotest villages of India and major cities across the world.

Parle’s Offerings
Parle caters to 3 main product lines- Biscuits, Confectionary, and Snacks

  • Biscuits
  1. Parle-G – Made with the goodness of Milk, Wheat, and Glucose, Parle-G is regarded as the most loved biscuit of India. Launched in the 1930s, Parle-G is the most successful offering by Parle Products. It is the main reason that led to the growth of Parle to such a wide extent. Even till today, Parle-G holds a good market share in the market and is loved by people all over the world! Parle-G, everyone’s childhood favourite!
  2. 20-20 Cookies – These golden crispy cookies will melt in your mouth as soon as you take a bite, and leave you wanting for more! Made with the richness of cashew and goodness of butter, these cookies are mouthwatering and super delicious!
  3. Krackjack – Launched in 1972, Krackjack is regarded as India’s first biscuit that launched the sweet and salty combo! Loved for its unique taste, KrackJack remains everyone’s favourite till date!
  4. Monaco – A small, flat-baked, salty biscuit, that will make you want for more!!! Light and crispy, Monaco’s salty flavour adds a namkeen twist to your taste buds.
  5. Marie – Thinking of Chai and what goes best with it?! Parle’s Marie biscuits are everyone’s ideal choice! Super light and super tasty, the healthiest biscuits you’ll ever find!
  6. Hide and Seek – Made with the goodness of the world’s chocolate, let your taste buds linger in the yummy world of Hide and Seek. Enjoy this mouth-watering delight made with love and yummy chocolate chip.
  7. Magix- Escape into the yummylicious world filled with the goodness of rich creamy flavours with Parle’s MigicX!
  8. Nutricrunch – Who said biscuits can’t be healthy?! Rich in Vitamins, Minerals, and fibers, give your taste buds a treat with the healthiest and the yummiest biscuits in town!
  9. Milano – A truly indulgent treat, Parle’s Milano cookies are a perfect blend of crisp cookies and luxurious chocolate. Give a treat to your taste buds with Parle’s Milano!
  10. Top Crackers – A light and crunchy biscuit that will melt in your mouth. Made with the richness of butter, these biscuits are perfect for meeting your hunger at any time during the day.
  11. Coconut Cookies – A perfect blend of coconut and crunch, these cookies are a delight for your taste buds!
  • Confectionery
  1. Poppins – Remember the Coloured Candies we all loved as kids! Parle it is, to thank it for!
  2. Kaccha Mango Bite – Explore the mangolicious world with Parle’s Kaccha Mango Bites!
  3. Orange Bite – Craving for juicy yummy oranges?! Escape into the orangy world of oranges with Parle’s Orange bites!
  4. Melody – Explore the yummylicious world of Chocolate with Parle’s Melody!
  5. Eclair – A combination of Caramel and chocolate, this mouth-watering toffee will make your heart melt with joy!
  6. Mango Bite – Dive into the delicious world of mangoes with Parle’s Mango bites!
  7. Londonderry – Parle lets you enjoy the exotic taste of rich creamy taste of milk and caramel with Londonderry
  8. Kismi – Dive into Elaichiness mended with Caramel! Try Parle’s Kismi!
  9. Mazelo – Available in five different fruity flavours, Parle’s Mazelo with make you crave for more!
  • Parle Snacks
  1. Wafers – Wondering about a yummy treat to fill your tummy?! Try Parle’s wafers in different flavours and give a treat to yourself!
  2. Chatkeen – Made with love, Parle brings to you the craziest collection of tangy chatpata taste with the Chatkeen Collection! Kyunki Chatpata to Banta hai!
  3. Parle Rusk – Chai mein rusk dibo ke khaane ka kuch aur hi maza hai! Try Parle’s Rusk with your favourite Chai! Made with the goodness of elaichi and wheat, it is baked with perfection to be your teatime favourite!

Clearing & Forwarding Agents

The only junction in the chain between the manufacturer and the retailers, Clearing & Forwarding agents refer to the business entities that are engaged in the business of buying stocks from the companies and selling it to the retailers.
They have a well-maintained infrastructure of warehouses as well as an effective and efficient transportation system, that ensures the smooth flow of their services. They buy goods from the companies, store the material in their godowns, and sell it to the retailers at a certain margin.
Coming to the western belt of India, Alfa Agencies Akola is one such popular name.

Parle products association with Alfa Agencies Akola

One of the biggest names in West India, Alfa Agencies Akola is known for its exceptional infrastructure and work ethics. Right from well-constructed, well-lit, and ventilated warehouses, to an effective transportation system, They are ideal partners for any company to get associated with.
The agency works as Clearing & Forwarding Agents for Parle Products and has been associated with the company for a couple of years now. They cater to Akola, Buldhana, Washim, and Hingoli districts of Maharashtra and provide their services to more than 30 distributors. They have a well-automatized system, which ensures effectiveness and efficiency, Thereby leading to good results for both the parties.

Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd. Official Website:

Details – Alfa Agencies Akola
Clearing and Forwarding Agents (C&F) – Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd.
Address – Alfa Agencies, Shop 7 – 11 Shashtri Stadium, Opposite Neeta Guest House, Akola – 444001

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